Five-steps for our daily Examen

  • Give Thanksgiving

I begin by giving God thanks for all the things I’m grateful for today. I allow my mind to wander as I reflect on the ways God has blessed me on this particular day. I allow big things and small things to arise – everything from the gift of my faith, to the gift of my marriage, to the easy commute to work today.

  • Ask for the Spirit

Next, I want to look at the moments in my day when I did not act so well. However, before doing so, I ask God to fill me with his Spirit so that the Spirit can led me through this difficult soul-searching.

  • Review and Recognize Failures

I look back at my day and ask the Lord to point out to me the moments when I have failed in big ways or small. I take a sobering look at the mistakes I’ve made this day.

  • Ask for  Forgiveness and Healing

If I have sinned, I ask God to forgive me and set me straight again. If I have not sinned but simply made a mistake, I ask for healing of any harm that might have been done. I ask for help to get over it and move on. I also ask for wisdom to discern how I might better handle such tricky moments in the future.

  • Pray about the Next day

I ask God to show me how tomorrow might go. I imagine the things I’ll see, and the decisions I’ll be mulling over. I ask for help with any moments I foresee that might be difficult. I especially ask for help in moments when I might be tempted to fail the way I did today. ( Ignatius)

Aba Hagos Tesfagabir

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